tour dintorni ditorino
It was back in 1674, that the name “Crown of delights” was coined for the palaces, villas, hunting lodges, fortresses and summer residencies that the House of Savoy was building around its capital at Turin; it was a strategic iron curtain as much as a ring of pleasure.

The Langhe area is midway between Turin and Genoa, a rural treasure trove of villages and agricultural landscapes. This tour will drive you through rolling hills, past medieval castles or fortresses perched on hilltops (Grinzane and Barolo castles), into wineries from small-scaled to grandiose.

This tour takes place in the vineyard area of Piemonte, approx. 80kms. south of Torino that was added in 2014 to Unesco’s World Heritage List. To the uninitiated, truffle may just be a foul tuber or a rich and decadent chocolaty sweet, but to the gourmand, it represents the ultimate in gastronomic delights.

Monferrato is a scenic, rolling-hill wine region located in Piedmont, south of the Po river dating back to the ancient Celts, with its medieval town of Asti, surrounded by lush countryside, villages and Romanesque churches and Abbeys.

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