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It was back in 1674, that the name “Crown of delights” was coined for the palaces, villas, hunting lodges, fortresses and summer residencies that the House of Savoy was building around its capital at Turin; it was a strategic iron curtain as much as a ring of pleasure.

The perfect tour for foodies and Torino discoverers. This 4-hour tour will take you to Porta Palazzo, Torino’s largest open-air market with its Italian, local and foreign fresh produce, cheeses and meats. After exploring the market, the tour continues with a big dip into Torino’s number one sweet delicatessen: chocolate.

The city of Turin offers more than 40 important museums, ranging from one of the richest collections of ancient, Egyptian antiquities in the world – second only to Cairo, to the tallest museum, namely Cinema museum which is located in Torino’s best-known landmark, the 167 meter high Mole Antonelliana. And then there’s the Car museum, with gorgeous installations and original car models that make it attractive even to those who do not have a real passion for car design, speed and vehicles.

For all those that have made a cult of Michael Caine’s famous cliff-hanger set in late 1960s Turin, here’s a hot tour walking in the steps of the legendary Mini-Morris car chase.

The Royal City of Turin, undoubtedly Italy’s best kept secret, was all but ignored for over a century even by the most discerning connoisseurs and academics. However, it is no longer stereotyped merely as a centre of great industry or as the militaristic and unrefined base from which the late nineteenth-century Savoy dynasty unified the Italian peninsula.

For those of you who did not make it to view the Holy Shroud during the 2015 exhibition, this is your best occasion to learn more about it.

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